9 Things that Make Men Look Feminine – Do You Wear These Things?

Before I begin, I want to let you know that there is nothing wrong with looking feminine, dressing feminine. It is all about the perception based on what you are wearing. We’ve been talking about “Image”. And, if you want to look more masculine and nail everything while looking like a Man (not like a chick), there are obviously some things that you need to avoid.

If you are a dude, you would definitely want to look like a dude or you would like to look like a chick? Of course, you will stay with the former one – not the latter one. Everyone possesses a different personality that makes a difference among others by how they speak, how they smell and most importantly what they look like. Conversation comes at second position when we talk about leaving a good positive impression because on the top, you will always find “Looks” (this does not meant that looks are everything).

Have you ever seen a feminine talking to somebody and when you go nearer and that person turns back and, BANG! The first words come out of your mouth must be “Oh, you’re a MAN” or “Man, you look just like a CHICK or something else, aren’t they?

Would you not like a look like a Bad a** when, in fact, this is what you want? There is nothing wrong to look like a feminine. But, since you are a man, be a man and just nail the style. So, today we are going over some tips that will help you avoid the ‘Feminine Look’ and get a Masculine look. Take a look at the following 9 things that you need to avoid to stop looking like feminine.

1. Earrings

This is the just the truth. Anyone who wears earrings is going to look feminine.

2. Over-sized Sweaters

There are some guys who, nowadays, are wearing the over-sized sweaters. These sweaters are big, baggy and certainly make you look like girl. You could take a look at the girls wearings this and you will find out that this is what they wear.

3. Long-line T-shirts

The third thing on this list that make men appear like feminine is a long line T-shirt. I know that there are many guys who have been wearing them lately (even though they look good), but this is something men should avoid in order to go for a more masculine silhouette and stop looking like feminine.

4. Super Skinny Tight Pants

Again, I want to say that there is nothing wrong with looking like feminine. I just want your attention towards the fact that these items will make you look feminine. And, if this is what you are worried about, you should avoid “Super Skinny Tight Pants” because in them, you look like a “Super Chick”.

5. Multiple Rings on Single Hand

If a man wears multiple rings on a single hand, he is going to look like a girl. So, if you are concerned about the things to avoid from looking like feminine, you will never want to wear more than one ring on one hand. You could, however, wear a watch to nail it (the style).

6. Uggs

People who have been wearing “Uggs” many and if you are one of them, you’ve been doing it all wrong, baby. Even some celebrities have been seen wearing the Uggs. But, there is no doubt that this is something that’s gonna make you look like a Chick.

7. Toms

One day, I was going out with my friends and I wore Toms that day. As soon as a friend of mine saw me, she came to me and said to me “what’re you doing? Isn’t it something you shouldn’t be wearing?”. I asked “Why, what’s wrong with that?”. She said, if you wear this, you look like feminine.

I know that I made a mistake – no one’s perfect. But, I don’t want you to repeat it and avoid wearing Toms if you are avoiding the feminine look.

8. Bracelet Overload

If you are wearing a single or maybe two bracelets, depending on what they are, it is okay with that. But, if the number increases to 5 or 6, you will definitely look feminine.

9. Overarched/Overplucked Eyebrows

It is good to shape up your eyebrows only a little, but if you wear too thin, overarched, overplucked eyebrows, you are going to look like a chick.

Guys, feminine look is awesome. But, this could not be the favorite thing for men. That’s why they like to avoid things that make them look feminine. Guys, if you liked this article, please spread a word by sharing this article with your friends and let them know things they need to get rid of in order to avoid feminine look.

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