What are the Differences between Website and Blog?

What are the Differences between Website and Blog?

So, how long have you been surfing the Internet? Have you been using the Internet for a week? Or you have been doing this for a year?  I guess maybe you have been experiencing it for more than that?

What are the Differences between Website and Blog?
But, while being online or reading online stuff, have you ever had a thought in your mind asking you “if you are on a Website or a Blog”. Well, people don’t care about whether they are obtaining information from a Website or a Blog. They just need information, they type keywords or key phrases in the query box of Search Engines (say, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and they get exact or similar results which lead to the information they were looking for or wanted to know about.

You might have heard your friends saying or talking about Blogs. They might also have asked you saying “Did you read that blog, it was written greatly?” and “Did you read this Blog, he is almost favouring that thingy?” and more.

I know… you – being a newbie –might not know what exact differences between a blog and website are. But, don’t you worry because today I’m here with you to tell every minute detail in this concern.

In this easy-to-understand guide on Website vs Blog, you will figure out differences between a Website and BlogA Blog can be a Website but a Website cannot be a Blog. Hope you understand what exactly I’m trying to say. However, there are some factors that you need to take into consideration to get this straightforwardly.

Before delving into this matter of explaining the facts on a Blog vs. Website, let’s hear what Oxford dictionary tells us about a Blog and a Website. So, the definition of website and blog goes something like as follow:

Definition of Website/ Blog:
According to Oxford Dictionary, these terms have been defined in the following sense:

A set of related web pages located under a single domain name:
What I say about Website: A website is geared towards business or having/ showing some bussing concern.

A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
But, according to what I would like to say, it should be “Blog=Web Log” that is updated from time to time.

But, in order for you to know all the ins and outs with the intention to catch the facts on “what are the differences between a Website and Blog?” you will need to have a look at the following segment.

Differences between a Website and a Blog:

Billions of users daily use the Internet without knowing if they are gathering information/ facts from a Website or a Blog. If you have been one of them and you always wanted to know it, don’t worry I’m here to let you know all of it.

Websites and Blogs can be differentiated in the following ways:

  1. Usually, the content of a website is static, but that is not always the case.
  2. The Websites are not generally updated daily irrespective of a Blog.
  3. Websites are more likely to be Formal/ Professional.
  4. One-way communication is found in websites due to lack of comments and user engagement.
  5. Some websites are based on Transactions since they buy or sell products online, whereas Blogs don’t.
  6. Websites are mostly found on TLDs (Top Level Domains) like SaifZiya.com, SaifZiya.org, or SaifZiya.net.
  7. A Website has a “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” section.
  8. It also contains a Client Testimonials and Feedback pages.
  9. Normally, a website includes “Sitemap”, “About Us”, and “Privacy Policy” pages.
  10. Sometimes, websites have a “Contact Form” and a “Chat” option for knowing how customers are satisfied and what their needs are.
The best website examples are Facebook, Box, Evernote, Wikipedia, etc.

  1. Posts are written on a particular topic or situation mostly called as “Niche”. However, this is not always the case because some blogs provide information on various topics.
  2. Blog Posts are posted in reverse-chronological order (i.e. latest posts to oldest ones or recently updated posts showing at the top).
  3. All Blogs have a commenting system that is for helping the users for their problems and asking their suggestions.
  4. Blogs are found to be informal as they are usually user-friendly.
  5. Blog posts are usually shown with details, such as date, time, author, category, tags (labels for Blogger platform), sub-categories, etc.
  6. Blogs are based on RSS feed which stands for Really Simple Syndication. You can access the posts’ RSS and comments’ RSS of any Wordpress Blog and a Blogger Blog.
  7. Blogs could either be built on self-hosted TLDs (SaifZiya.com, SaifZiya.org) or hosted domains (www.saifziya.blogspot.com, www.saifziya.wordpress.com).
  8. A blog might have “About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Privacy Policy” pages but it does not normally carry “FAQ” section.
  9. Blogs provide a facility called “E-mail Subscription” to send daily updated content to the person who has subscribed your Blog.  
The best blog examples are ShoutMeLoud, LifeHacker, Techcrunch, Mashable, Cnet.

Final words on Website vs Blog: What is the Difference?

I hope you might have understood what the differences are between a Website and Blog and got a crystal-clear idea of how people are using them and what sort of facility they are being provided with and how they stay updated. Let’s have a look at what is demonstrated below to be clearer:

Every Car is a Vehicle, but not every Vehicle is a Car.
And similarly, we can say:
Every Blog could be a Website, but not every Website can be a Blog.
If you think that I have missed any point on Website vs Blog that this article should have, please let me know via comments. Your points deserve to be on this list.

Thanks for being with me! Read other posts that I will be updating soon.

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