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Saif Ansari – Just Another Artist

Hi, Friends! How’re you doing? Hope you are good. Me? Wait…, let me see, I’m doing great, LOL!! :-) Welcome to my Personal Blog. Here I like to share the experience that I’ve been having through my LIFE and FRIENDS or the STUFF that I've been doing or using. Via this page, you will come to know more about me like what I do, what I specialize in, which things I’m good at or feel good doing, and so on. Also, I decided to make this blog for sharing my passion for blogging that I do in my spare time. Hope you'd like it. You may also share your experience via comments below.

Always Wanted To Have A Blog – Dream Came True!

I always had a passion for writing something, be it an article, a story or something else. Before pursuing my BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application), I used to think how people do it write blogs online, what stuff they use/need to do so. I used to get bombarded with so many questions. Having completed my Graduation, I finally came to know about how people are making blogs (if you need one, don't forget to comment and I will tell you how to make one), how they are even earning from it. 

My BUDDIES – My World!!!

Whenever I think or talk about by BUDDIES, I get a nostalgic vibe and I become Nostalgic. Friends might be miles away, yet I have the ECSTASY because being away doesn’t mean forgetting them according to what I furnish below:
The Moments that you spend with your friends are Unforgettable. Because these Flashes of Life get adhered to a special place in your mind where Best Memories reside – Saif
Memories that are born when friends are around are the best feelings that always make you smile whenever you think of them. – Saif

They had played, play, and will always be playing an important part in my life. Whenever I sought help, they were always a step ahead in helping me out.

About Me – Profession, Habits, Hobbies, Achievements

My Profession:
I'm currently working as a Chief Editor at Telestra Infratech Private Limited (TIPL). Well, to be concise, I’m a Free Lancer, I love Blogging and I own another blog, too. I’m a BCA (Bachelor in Computers). I pursued my Graduation from DBGI (Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions). Things that I like to do are covered below.

I’m Introvert-cum-Extrovert (Ambivert) – LOL! You might be thinking what kind of personality trait is that. Usually, I’m an Introvert, but when I get by BUDDIES’ Company, I find myself being an Extrovert because FRIENDS make you realize how beautiful this LIFE is. With them, you have nothing to worry about. They make you feel what you are worth, the potential you hold, specialization you possess. This is what makes me an Introvert-cum-Extrovert.

Talking about the VIRTUES, an instant idea that we come across in our mind about it is that these are the qualities that make us stand out from others, however, this is not always the case because some potentials or abilities are similar to others or inherited from. We are talking in this respect below.

Beneath are the Hobbies that I enjoy doing in my spare time:

I get myself full of enthusiasm when it comes to Art. I still remember that moment that happened during my Schooling. It was my Art paper and after completing my exam, I did by BUDDIES’ too. Yeah! It was fun.

Check out my Drawing below. What do you think, is that cool?

Portrait by Saif
Portrait by Saif
I’m also a Portraitist. I’ve also drawn many paintings and received appreciation.  

I also love designing logos. Be comfortable to have a look at some of my work:

I’ve a hobby of singing. I like to sing when I’ve nothing to do. But, this does not make it less valuable. Not only I but also you know how incredible our VOICE is that we’ve been gifted by the single GOD.

Would you like to listen to my songs? Let's play some music (use the player below)! 

1. Desperately Need You - Saif Ansari (Cover)

2. Why Not Me - Saif Ansari (Cover)

I get my feet tapping when I have Music in my ears. But, I don’t usually like every kind of music. The genre of popular music that I like to listen to includes EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Rap, Folk, Electro House Music, Progressive House, Dubstep, Trance, POP, Rock, etc. 

Apart from what I’ve stated above, my Spare-Time Activities includes Learning New and Creative Things, Tattooing, Reading, Watching Movies, Helping Others, and so on.
Achievements I Possess:

When it comes to the Achievements that I have obtained in my life, I find it hard that where I’m to start letting you know about them from. There have been no miracles in my life because the life, itself, is a miracle. What you do becomes history, and what you don’t, dies with you. Since I’d started noticing things and figuring them out, I’ve always an obsession about Art.

Warning: Too much music could be dangerous for you. Listen to it only to the extent that it makes me feel nostalgic or have good vibes. If music takes me away from the remembrance of Almighty God, I stop listening to it.

Although I’ve won many achievements, nevertheless what I take for granted about Achievement is being good to others. As long as you are good with people and help them when they are in need of something, things will be better.

Guys I'm currently working with: The guys (at Telestra Infratech Private Limited) that I'm currently working with or have worked with are furnished in the list below, they all are (have been) so good to me:

1. Aastha Arora (Content Developer)
2. Habiba Rao (Content Developer)
3. Manish Vishwakarma (Content Developer)
4. Mohammad Hadi (Content Writer)
5. Nancy Taneja (Content Developer)
6. Nikita Middha (Content Developer)
6. Sahil Gour (Co-Director)
7. Sakshi Dhiman (Content Developer)
6. Shadab Gour (Director)
7. Shubham Ahuja (Seo Expert)

Important: The names above have been sorted name wise (alphabetically).

Saif Ansari’s BUDDIES’ Thoughts about Him

You're working well and I believe you are going to be a good man in your profession. You're gonna make your future secure to your futuristic life. Best of Luck!  – Rajeev Gautam
You're my favourite Singer and you always help others – Nancy Sharma
Life is nothing unless you enjoy it, do something that make you feel good. I believe you can do it – Ashwani
You are a wonderful Rapper and a good person, too. – Himanshi
You’re a brilliant Rapper, and you stay the same, keep this (innocence) and good behaviour with you always. – Prashant
I like ur Raps as I understand them, like all your songs, miss your talent, Rapping, Singing, and Tattooing. For me, you’re an excellent Artist, Saif! – Isha Sharma
You’re the most sincere person I’ve ever met in mahh  life. – Vikki
You are my Rapper. – Mayank
The great Rapper, fan of Eminem, Great Job, continue with you. – Shady Vasu
Best Rapper ever. Bro! Never leave singing & rapping. Believe in yourself. – Prashant
You are very helpful person. – Mohit
You’ve been a great help in Exams. Thanks! – Suraj
Talented and a good person. I’m a fan of your Drawings. – Komal
You are very Talented, Drawing Master. – Vijeta
Rocking friend ever, you made me have a habit of drawing Tattoos, also. – Rishabh
Saif, you are a very cool person. Keep smiling. – Afsha
I still remember that rap you did. May GOD give you what you want. – Akriti
Saif Bro, we all spent a great time with you,.... and your acting. That is unforgettable. You will always remember you that BCA Rapper. – Rahul Saini
Good and Sweet are you. – Ruhani
You are cool, Saif Bro. You’ve been a great help to me. You are the one who helped me a lot. – Mohit
Undoubtedly, we got you our Bro and hope you did, do the same. We all did lots of fun. I cannot forget your art or drawing Tattoos. – Chirag
You rapping will always be in our heads. – Anuj
A good but untalkative guy with amazing skills. – Shady Vasu
These thoughts always make recall the moments we have lived and always give me good vibes, and I can feel the echoes of theirs in my mind. They always make me feel proud of them because it is so hard to have such good friends. 

Do you want to share your ideas with me here? Please do share via comments below. I'd love to read them:) You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.


  1. Good Work Saif Sir and i really proud to have a friend like you in my life

    1. Thanks Nancy! It is your Greatness that you have me as your Friend, :-)

  2. Oh man! you've forgotten me and Sahil. In fact, I've mentioned your name on my personal blog. :-(

    1. C'mon man! You gotta be kidding me. How on the earth did you even think that I'd not mention you here. Undoubtedly, you are a best friend of mine. Yeah, it is true that I was not manipulating this blog for some time. :-)


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