Things That I Do to Stay in Shape - No Gym Required!

Why does the page title read “No Gym Required”? This is because this thorough guide is for those who want to stay in good shape without ever going to gym. Now, you must be thinking “Is it possible”? Yes, of course, it is!

Things That I Do to Stay in Shape
Things That I Do to Stay in Shape
You have to understand that staying in good shape is a lifelong process. Putting differently, there are no one-time fixes through which you can keep yourself in good shape. You have to consistently exercise and maintain a good eating routine.

Here are the things that I do to stay in shape:

1. I Exercise

Undoubtedly, health is wealth and there is nothing that gives me pleasure like exercising does. People may like to do different types of exercises, but I like to stick with those that help me build muscles (‘cause I ain’t got much fat on my body).

The exercise that I do to stay in shape includes:

  1. Pull Ups (for Wings & Biceps)
  2. Squats (for Thighs & Abs)
  3. Crunches (for Abs & Thighs)
  4. Push Ups (for Chest, Biceps & Shoulders)
  5. Running Plank (for Abs and Back)
  6. Burpee (Chest and Biceps)
  7. Back Extension (for Back Extension)
If you want to have good muscles and want to burn fat (though I don’t have fat), above given exercises are worth giving a try. Try to keep them in the same order.
Complete all steps (A, B, C, D, E, F, and G) and take 30 seconds for each step with a rest of 10 seconds between all the steps.

2. I Get Rid of Laziness

What on the earth does “Laziness” have to do with the good body shape? Yes, it has everything to do with that. When you ask someone to give a glass of water or something else and that person denies doing that or shows laziness or starts yawning, this means that person does not want to be physically fit. Such people cannot be put in the “Go-Getter” category. To be a go-getter, you don’t have to be like them; instead, you need to have good moves in your body.

You should take regular walks in the morning, in the evening after taking meals. Also, there are more chances for the inactivity in your body if you eat too much.

3. I Do Cycling

There are various reasons why I love to do cycling and some of them are as listed under:
  • It helps me build Abs! 
  • It helps me break a sweat 
  • It does not produce air pollution (so, there is fresh air you keep with you and for others, too) 
  • It also helps me loosen up. 
  • It does not need any fuel to run. 
  • Maintenance is not that much costly as compared to motorbikes. :-)
Apart from above-stated reasons, there are still many that make me use Cycle instead of a Motor Cycle (No Offence to those who use MotorBikes).

4. I Take Right Nutrients

If you want to build muscles, as well as fat, then you should consider having the diet that is rich in protein. I normally don’t want to be the one to build fat, yes I always keep myself busy in building muscles. Yes, it is true that there are some fats which are essential for all of us and help us become strong. So, I prefer taking meals which are rich in monounsaturated fat (also known as polyunsaturated fat). The name of good fat that you should consume is Omega-3.

5. I Don’t Just Exercise, I Enjoy It!

When you do exercise, you should make sure that you are enjoying it. Don’t do it forcibly otherwise you will have to strain your body for that. What I do while breaking a sweat is that I put my earphones into the ears and turn the music on.

Some people say that you should listen to the SLOW music (like Folk, Classic, etc.), not the fast one (like EDM, Club, Trance, etc.), but what I say is that you should use the one which you love.

I hate to see my stomach getting fat on it, yet I don’t have any problem with others. That’s why I always keep Abs in it.

6. I Watch Action Movies

Movies can also help your brain work in a smart and different way. They also help you imitate what your favourite hero/heroine does in it. I prefer watching the movies which are of Action, Spy, Romance, Thriller, Sci-fi, Horror, Crime, Adventure, etc., genre.

My Top Action-Film Heroes are:
My other favourite actors’ names include Keanu Reeves, Nicolas Cage, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.

My Top Action-Film Heroines are:
So, these are the things that I love to do to stay in shape. Do you also want to get in shape without going to Gym, too? Let me know in the comments and I’d love to see you through (i.e. help you until you find the solution). Also, let me know which things you do to get yourself in shape.

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